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Update From The Village Project 2016

15th February 16

School Trip

The Village Project 2016 Launches

The Village Team has been busy making preparations for The Village Project 2016, which take place May 23rd-27th. This year’s village core team includes Stephen, Claire, Rod, Adam, Marc, Juliette, Emma, Fiona and Sheila.

Last week, we introduced the project to YR8 parents at an information meeting. This week in form hour, YR8 students had their first taste of The Village. Parents and students heard about pre-village preparations, what to expect during village week, and how to reflect on the experience after. The five aims of the village were introduced: Creativity, Independence, Resilience, Social Responsibility, and Sustainability.

Students will explore key village concepts in form hour, PSHE, choice, and as part of the YR8 curriculum in selected subjects including Art, English, Geography, History & Politics, and Science. Hut building will commence after Easter Break.

This year, we’re pleased to welcome researcher Professor Bill Lucas to The Village Project. Bill is Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning and Professor of Learning at the University of Winchester. Together with Guy Claxton, he co-authored Educating Ruby: What our Children Really Need to Learn. You may remember Bill as one of the speakers at the KASS conference held in October.

The Village Project Team is looking forward to this year’s village. From our first form hour with the YR8s, we can confidently say the students share our enthusiasm about the village!

The Village Project Aims

1. Creativity: an exploration of what creativity means and how it can be encouraged

2. Independence: encouraging students towards being increasingly independent and self-reliant as learners and individuals

3. Resilience: developed through challenge, experimentation and an appreciation of the need to persevere through failure

4. Social responsibility: building a community, enhancing self-reflection and awareness, empathy, kindness towards others, mutual respect, altruism, working independently

5. Sustainability: foster a deeper understanding of the natural world and respect for the environment, create a sustainable community

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