Thanks for Supporting the KAS/AWTF Food Drive

9th February 16

Each year, the KAS community collects food and presents for North London families in need of support celebrating the holidays.

The Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation, who we work with on this drive, has written to thank all the students, parents, and staff who helped make the drive a success. Lindsey from AWTF writes:

Dear KAS parents, staff and students,

Yet again, I can’t begin to thank you for all the wonderful food and presents you donated. 

We were able to make up food  parcels for 90 families. These were divided between families with children (identified as being at risk of not having enough food to see them through the holiday when there are no free school meals) at the two local school we support, an organisation on a local estate which works young people affected by gang violence as well as a number of  young people in need of support.

It is hard to describe just how grateful the recipients were for the lovely, generous items we were able to put in the Christmas parcels.  They commented that it  gave them a sense that someone cared and a few had tears of gratitude and relief when we delivered the food parcels.    

This week children returning to school have been able to participate in class talking about Christmas meals and presents they received. 

This is entirely thanks to you.

Many thanks, 

Lindsey, AWTF

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation food and present drive held in 2015. Your generosity has made a difference to people in our local community.


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