Students Report on Pupils' Council

29th January 16

Pupils’ Council brings Lower and Upper School students together to make The King Alfred School a better place. It is student led, with Sixth Form students directing and all year groups collaborating with Fiona P, U/S and Ilona, L/S as staff mentors.

Lower and Upper School students recently reflected on Pupils’ Council’s progress and experiences to date.

Upper School Students’ Perspective

Caitie, Sixth Form

Pupils’ Council has met twice so far since September, both meetings being very effective and enjoyable.

In the first meeting, we gathered opinions, concerns and suggestions from students all the way through the school-from year 3 to year 11. After listening to all of these ideas, members of the School Six body got together to divide ourselves into different groups/committees which would represent the ideas brought up in the meeting. 

The result were 4 new groups: health & well-being, sports, upper & lower school relationship, and the recycling & building group. We fed these back to Pupil Council in the second meeting allowing the lower and upper school students to decide which one they wished to be in. 

We now have excited and fully functioning groups who are currently working on how to tackle the issues being presented to them.

Lower School Students’ Perspective

Wednesday, 3S

After lunch everybody met and Ilona took us up. I was scared and she held my hand. We sat in a circle and got into groups. I went with Natalie to the anti-litter group. I went because I know Ella and she knows me. We talked about littering and we decided we would make anti-litter posters. 

Max, 3I

I thought there were going to be more people. Robert was next to me. I was in a group talking about sport. Some of the rules were the older people can’t kick us off till 1.30 and not to swear. The upper school pupils said they would figure something out. I felt very shy and I didn’t want to say anything, but in the end I did. Afterwards we told everyone else what we had discussed and after that we went back to our own classrooms.

Charlie, 4Z

Before we went up I felt excited. When we got up to the old library I sat next to Robert and I talked to him about the Tudors. I was in the sport group and we mostly talked about swearing. I think my voice made a difference to the school. I loved it. I liked getting to know the older pupils and I felt proud. I would like to do it again.

Raphy, 4Z

Before we went up we all went to 3I straight after lunch and then we went up to the old library. I felt excited and nervous at the same time. We were the first children to be split into groups with upper school. I was in the staying healthy group. We mainly discussed swearing. I really felt that upper school agreed with us and that they listened. Across the school we agreed on an anti-swearing campaign. We also discussed people who are dropping litter.

Lili 4R

When I heard that we were going to have a meeting with upper school I felt excited and scared. The next day I woke up and thought ‘this might be the day that I will change the school.’ The minutes went by, hours went by, it felt like someone changed the time on the clocks. Then at 1 o’clock I ran to Ilona’s classroom. I was so scared Ilona basically carried me up to the old library. We sat in a circle talking about different subjects. I was in the health group and we talked about swearing and smoking. By the end I was talking all the way through. When it was done I thought to myself, ‘Wow, I thought that was only fifteen minutes long.’ I was disappointed to know it was over. I really want to do it again.

Lola, 5A

When we were going to the room where we were having the meeting I was a bit nervous, but once everyone was there I wasn’t as nervous, because Grace said not to be so nervous and upper school were so nice. At the start we had a conversation in one big group and then we got into smaller groups. I was in the health group and we talked a lot about making sure the older kids don’t swear. There were loads of other groups too, like a sport group and a few more. I thought I would not speak, but I did. At the end each group presented what they had talked about. I found it fun and felt happy.

Carmel, 6L

Instead of feeling nervous, I actually felt excited. We went over with lots of enthusiasm and got into groups according to what we wanted to change in the school. I went into the sports group, because I would like to have more basketball nets and for upper school to share the courts equally. We had a really nice chat and I hope we do it again another time.

Carlo, 6N

Ilona took us up to the old library and we discussed new ideas and plans for the school. I thought that it was useful to know everyone’s ideas and thoughts on the school. I was in the sports group and we discussed that there should be footballs for both upper and lower school.

Thanks to Caitlin for her Sixth Form report and Ilona and the Lower School Pupils’ Council Reps for their reports!

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