KAS International Pen Pals

15th January 16

KAS students are engaging in a number of international pen pal correspondence agreements this year. These letter exchanges are helping students practice their language skills, learn about other cultures and make friends around the world.

Japan Club Pen Pals

In Japan club this week we received letters from a Japanese school called Ichinomiya which an ex-student had put us in contact with!

We then wrote letters back to students there wishing them a Happy New Year:


(Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu).

We will keep you updated on our future letters from the school. Matane—-! (See you soon!)

Ryan, Science

YR10 Spanish Pen Pals

At the end of last term, Year 10 Spanish students were given the opportunity of writing to pupils at a Spanish school just outside Madrid. Pupils received their responses on return to school and are looking forward to writing back.

This exchange helps develop reading and writing skills in Spanish and enables pupils to have a invaluable insight into the Spanish culture. In this digital age it is nice for the pupils to receive a written letter.

Camilla, Head of MFL

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