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KAS Pre U Student Achieves Highest National Grade, Lens Based Media

11th December 15

Milla student scores highest marks for Pre U Photography course 2015
When I am not and none beside—
Nor earth nor sea nor cloudless sky—
But only spirit wandering wide
Through infinite immensity.
– Emily Bronte, I Am Happiest When Most Away
We were thrilled to hear that KAS Photography student Milla achieved the highest mark nationally on the Cambridge Pre U Photography and Lens Based Media course in the Summer 2015 session. This is a really outstanding achievement.
Milla was always a hugely committed photographer and joined the Pre U course in the Sixth Form having achieved an A* at GCSE. Her work was largely inspired by Romantic literature and the final series of images she produced for the summer Art & Photography exhibition were large format colour photocopies from photographs that had been put through several analogue and digital processes.
They were as much paintings as they were photography. Along with her photographs, Milla made several stunning films during our annual trips abroad and several self-published books which we still hold copies of in the photography department.
Milla not surprisingly has been offered places at Bournemouth, Falmouth and Brighton on their BA Photography courses. Hopefully we will be able to persuade her to come back to KAS in the future as a visiting photographer and pass her knowledge onto a new generation of photographers.
Cliff, Head of Photography

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