Year 11 student creating art project

A Progressive Education

The King Alfred School began its life as a rational and radical school. Today, still believing in many of the concepts of the progressive movement, the school searches out the best in educational ideas and practices to adopt – and adapt – what is most suitable to our pupils.

The King Alfred School was founded in 1898 by a group of parents who believed in the then radical idea that boys and girls should be educated together in a secular environment that encouraged learning for its own sake. It wanted to provide an education that focused on what was best for the whole child, on the development of character and individuality. Its objective was to "help train up its scholars in the way of the good life, to help to fit them for effective work in the world, for effective sympathy and for effective joy." (John Russell, Head 1901-20).
The King Alfred School continues to stand out from the prevailing educational environment as a school that achieves academic success without excessive pressure and social success through the development of relationships and responsibility rather than external discipline. Co-education, mixed ability, all ages and non-denomination are some essential and enduring characteristics. Informality is typified by the use of first names, the absence of uniform and as few rules as can be managed within a community. Above all, it is a school that is genuinely loved by students, parents and staff alike.