Welcome message

    Lower School is a wonderful place to enjoy childhood and education to the full.  Life here is happy and stimulating, with daily learning through free play and investigative activities, alongside full and challenging classroom experiences.  Liberated from external pressures of grading and exams, children at this school are bursting with curiosity and ideas; spirited, engaging and articulate.

    The King Alfred School Framework outlines the ethos of the school which is promoted vigorously throughout the seven years children spend in Lower School.   Children treat each other, and all other people, with care and respect and learn to negotiate together to solve difficulties, knowing they can seek help from any adult at any time.

    Teaching and learning is child-centred and multi-sensory, often involving active tasks and challenges which enable children to direct their own learning, working collaboratively with their classmates.   The children are quick to develop opinions and communicate ideas about how to find solutions.  Making mistakes is accepted as an important part of the learning process. 

    From an early age, children are taught independent study skills, so children become confident to suggest strategies and to try out different methods without fear of failure, as this is not a concept they meet in Lower School.  They develop into independent thinkers and learn to take responsibility for their own progress, with the support and encouragement of their highly dedicated teachers and assistants.

    This is not a competitive environment, but success is achieved for every child.  Progress is closely monitored by teachers, and children’s individual aptitudes and talents are valued and encouraged across a wide range of activities.  All children feel safe and good about themselves, comfortable, happy and thriving in their school environment.

    Karen Thomas

    Head of Lower School