Staff Contact List

    Senior Staff
    Robert Lobatto Head
    Julie Saunders Director of Finance & Operations
    Rod Jackson Head of Upper School
    Karen Thomas Head of Lower School
    Penny Wild Assistant Head Academic
     (Upper School)
    Fiona Parsons Assistant Head Pastoral
     (Upper School)
    James Griffiths Deputy Head of Lower School
    Ania Herbut Head of Sixth Form
    Claire Murphy PE / Head of Years 8 & 9
    Adam Findlay Design and Technology/Head of Year 7 and Transition
    Anna Ni Chaoimh Acting Assistant Head - Teaching and Learning Assessment
    Lower School
    Claire Michael Reception
    Emma Neale Reception
    Emily Tucker Year 01
    Nina Soulsby Year 01
    Caitlin Bennett Year 02
    Ilona Ullmann Year 02
    Bella Neagle Year 03
    Rocco Panaggio Year 03
    Nick Ryde Year 04
    Sara Beattie Year 04
    Lucy Bailey Year 05
    Zac Pollock Year 05
    Adele Bridgwater Year 06
    Sophie Cooper Year 06
    Anna Kendall French
    Helen Kelly French
    Jane Stevens Enrichment & Extension 
    Jill Salmon Head of Lower School Design Technology
    Camilla Ovenden Music
    Cathy Brown Library
    Sally Wall Learning Support Co-ordinator (Covering Priya’s maternity leave)
    Priya Karia Learning Support Co-ordinator (Maternity leave)
    Dennis Cooke Learning Support
    Jet Lewin Learning Support
    Fiona Brown Learning Support Teacher
    Juliette Schneiderman Learning Support Teacher
    Lisa Bellamy TA Reception
    Shireen Muhunthan TA Reception
    Hayley Sloan TA Year 1
    Claire Robinson TA Year 1
    Elly King TA Year 2 (P/T)
    Sarah Michael TA Year 2
    Shirley Sum TA Year 2 (P/T)
    Carla Geoghegan TA Year 3
    Harriet Dell TA Year 3
    Josie Steed TA Year 4-6
    Teresa Hales Design Technology TA
    Elango Marimuthu L/S ICT Coordinator
    Jenny Collins Lower School Maths
    Upper School
    Adam Findlay Design Technology/Head of Year 7
    Alan Cusack Art
    Alex Marrion English Year 12/13 Tutor
    Ander Fraser MFL
    Ania Herbut Psychology/Sixth Form Head
    Anna Ni Chaoimh English 
    Camilla Parsons Head of MFL
    Chris Lehane PE
    Claire Murphy PE
    Claire Rasul Upper School Admin Support
    Cliff Bevan Photography / Year 12/13 Tutor
    Dan Aarons Performing Arts (Music Tech)
    Daniel Love English/Head of Years 10 & 11
    Dom Callaghan DT Technician/Blacksmith
    Edo Skender PE (Head) / Year 12/13 tutor
    Emma Sevitt History / Government & Politics
    Erika Palmieri Admin Officer (Head’s office) & IT Administrator
    Fay Crowther Geography (Head)/Year 9 Tutor
    Fiona Parsons English
    Florence Forte Classical Civilisation
    Frauke Ehmke Learning Support
    Gemma Macrae Curriculum Support
    Henrietta Farr PE
    Jeanette Glasser Curriculum Support
    Jeff Harlow Maths (Head) / Year 9 Tutor
    Jillian Whitelam Learning Support
    Jo Tang Science / Year 11 Tutor
    John Simpson Economics/Year 12/13 Tutor
    Kellie Nadin History / Government & Politics
    Kerry Randall Maths
    Laura Beardwood Science (Physics)
    Laura Beadle Jeffries Drama Teaching Assistant
    Leon Witham History (Head)/Year 9 Tutor
    Lucy Hall Head of Drama
    Lynne Sasson Drama / Year 8 Tutor
    Matt Lewis Curriculum Support
    Miranda Socratous Head of DT
    Nell Buckingham Music
    Neven Vangelov Director of Music
    Nicola Lohr Curriculum Support
    Nuray Jemil Media Studies
    Pany Kokotsi Symeou Maths / Year 11 Tutor
    Pat Leacock Curriculum Support
    Paul Dawson Philosophy
    Pauline Moloney Languages
    Peter Nickson Science / Year 12/13 Tutor
    Philip Price Head of Science
    Raj Bhalsod ICT / Year 7 Tutor
    Rita Murray Geography
    Robert Messik Director of Phoenix Theatre
    Ryan Godfrey Biology/Year 10 Tutor
    Sam Kirkwood Maths
    Sandrine Rodrigues Languages / Year 11 Tutor
    Sheila Hanlon Higher Education & UCAS/Archivist
    Simon Kerslake Curriculum Support
    Stephen de Brett Design Technology
    Steve O'Byrne Science / Year 10 Tutor
    Susan Kim Maths / Year 10 Tutor
    Takako Yeung Head of Politics
    Thea Stallwood Art / Year 10 tutor
    Tom Franklin PE
    Vicki Longhurst Geography (Head) / Year 10 Tutor
    Will Lewer Art (Head) / Year 12/13 Tutor
    Zoe Brenham English
    Support Staff
    Annabel Cross Bursary Accountant
    Sharon Myers Accountant
    Jenny Monaghan Librarian
    Linda Fraser Head of Admissions, Marketing and Communications
    Gill Newsam Registrar
    Caren Rosenthal Admissions Officer
    Lorraine Kent Nurse
    Matthew Cargill Theatre Technician
    Nichola Sullivan PA to Head of Lower School 
    Paul Williamson Head of  ICT Operations
    Pam Oliver Head’s PA
    Tamlyn Worrall Development Director
    Shalaka Karlekar Alumni Relations & Development Officer
    Shyama Chandrasekhar Exams Officer
    Tracy Preston Head of Counselling
    Tricia Still Bursary Manager & Accountant
    Zah Rasul Estates Manager
    Jorge De Jesus Estates
    Ollie Kazadi Catering
    Maggie McCaughey Estates Administration Manager
    Diane Leeming Communications Officer
    Diana Nathan Finance Administration Officer