Pastoral Care & Support

    All schools have a duty of care to all children.  We pride ourselves on the excellent social and emotional nurturing and guidance we provide all our pupils.  This has been praised highly in successive Independent Schools Inspectorate reports, the latest of which can be read in full on this website.

    Lower School has a full-time Deputy Head Pastoral, who works closely with children, parents, teachers and the school counselling team of four qualified and highly experienced counsellors to enable children to feel safe, secure and carefree in this school.

    We have a Pastoral, Social and Health Education coordinator (PSHE) who works with class teachers on the PSHE syllabus in class.  Pupils’ Council, composed of a girl and a boy from each class from Years 2 to 6, elected termly by their classmates to represent the views and suggestions of the children in all aspects of the running and provision at the school, is a valued and important part of this work.  As well as the weekly timetabled PSHE lesson, teachers hold regular Circle Times in class to discuss general principles and to work together on specific incidents and matters of concern to the children.

    ‘Freedom from fear’ is a founding doctrine of the school which is still essential well over a century on.  Children and adults at the school all call each other by first names and children understand that every adult is there to help them in all aspects of their day-to-day life in school.  Children confide readily in their teachers, confident that what they say will be listened to carefully, and trusting that they will be treated fairly, and supported.  Equally, all children are expected to behave towards each other with respect, goodwill, fairness and tolerance.  When this breaks down, time and effort is taken by teachers and children alike, to re-establish amicable terms and move on.

    Our grounds give children chance to run and roam outdoors within safe boundaries.  The den-building areas in the woods around the amphitheatre are particularly popular.