Since a group of parents founded the school in 1898, parental involvement has played a vital role at King Alfred School. Parents are actively welcomed into the community and their support for the school and its aims is invaluable.

    The King Alfred School Parent Staff Association is an organisation formed by the parents and carers of the students of King Alfred School and the management and staff of the School.

    The Parent Staff Association aims to:

    • provide opportunities for parents and carers to meet staff and each other;

    • support the school through fundraising initiatives;

    • help organise and run social events;

    • facilitate communication with parents;

    • act as a link between King Alfred School families and the school’s senior leadership team.

    The PSA is involved in numerous ways throughout the school. From organising large scale fundraising events such as our annual Firework display and Summer Fair to providing refreshments for our concerts or helping out with Lower School Christmas parties, there should be something for everyone to get involved with- and new ideas are always very welcome.

    We hold meetings every half term to which everyone is welcome, and at which the senior leadership team is well represented.  

    We have at least one or more Parent Staff Representatives for each class in the school who are volunteers.  They communicate regularly with parents, organise fundraising events such as Friday Cafe and generally become involved in the life of the school.

    All parents and carers automatically become members of the PSA when their child joins the school. Although you don’t have to become actively involved with the association, volunteers are always welcome and much appreciated!

    The PSA is run by a committee led by the Chair and supported by the Treasurer and Secretary:

    Chair of Parent Staff: Alysa Selene

    Treasurer: Grace Edgehill

    Secretary: Sam Sanson 


    On this page, you can access, our parent bulletin which includes highlights of the most recent parent staff meeting as well as a schedule of all of our forthcoming meetings and details of the events we are involved in. Details of our meetings are also listed on the school calendar which can be found on the home page of this website.

    Parent Representatives

    The role of a parent rep is to liaise between the staff and the parents within their class. parents often choose to take on the role in pairs, making it a more sociable task and allowing them to share the responsibilities.

    The King Alfred School Parent Staff Association has a huge amount to offer. We look forward to welcoming you into our thriving and busy community.