Research at KAS

    Teaching and learning research projects

    Staff at KAS are encouraged to conduct research into an area of Teaching & Learning which interests them. The aim is to investigate whether there can be a measurable impact within their own classroom on student and/or teacher outcomes. The research is then presented to staff, the Education Committee of Council and made available publicly here should other practitioners find the work of interest. These research projects are a small part of the school’s ongoing commitment to educational research and innovation.

    Can online assessment boost learning? (2019) - Peter Nickson

    Ipads: Gimmick or a motivational learning device? (2019) – Camilla Parsons


    Academic research

    The King Alfred School village Project (2014) – David Pomery

    Homework: Lit review (2014) – Elizabeth Dawson

    Homework KAS Research into attitudes and experiences (2014) – Elizabeth Dawson

    Teaching Geography Stakes & Ladders – Tim Harris