Introduction to Upper School

    Our aim in the Upper School is to ensure that children can progress and achieve their individual potential. We provide a secure environment in which all children are encouraged to be creative, inquisitive, discuss ideas and listen to each other without fear, over-anxiety or pressure of external tests.   

    Underpinned by outstanding pastoral support, we offer a broad and balanced curriculum which includes academic studies, a varied extra-curricular programme, extensive opportunities to learn beyond the classroom and comprehensive careers guidance.

    Most students entering Upper School do so at Year 7 and we attempt to make the transition from Year 6 as smooth as possible. We provide a nurturing, stabilising environment; helping pupils to overcome any obstacles at this crucial transitional stage and offering extra support for new students to the school to help them to acclimatise and make new friendships.

    Small mixed ability teaching groups of up to 17 in the Middle years and tutorial groups of up to 13 in the GCSE years and in the Sixth Form, enable all students to play an active part in their learning. The emphasis on trust, informality and open communication results in an atmosphere in which each individual student is valued and heard.

    School timetable in Upper School
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday  
    8.55am-9.15am Registration
    9.15am-10.05am Period 1
    10.10am-11.00am Period 2
    11.00am-11.25am BREAK
    11.25am-12.15pm Period 3
    12.20pm-1.10pm Period 4
    2.10pm-2.15pm Registration
    2.15pm-3.05pm Period 5
    3.10pm-4.00pm Period 6
    8.55am-9.40am Period 1
    9.40am-10.25am Period 2
    10.25am-11.10am Period 3
    11.10am-11.40am BREAK
    11.40am-12.25pm Period 4
    12.25pm-1.10pm Period 5
    1.10pm-2.10pm LUNCH
    2.10pm-2.20pm Registration
    2.20pm-3.10pm Period 6
    3.10pm-4.00pm Period 7