The King Alfred School Sixth Form experience is different from most others on offer. The school prides itself on its reputation as a uniquely relaxed, informal and vibrant community that continues to stand out from most other educational environments by achieving outstanding academic success within a non-pressured environment.

    Whatever their strengths or weaknesses, and whether already a student of the school or a student intending to join from elsewhere, a Sixth Former at King Alfred School can expect to excel both academically and socially. We take great pride in the widely acknowledged acceptance that our students emerge from our Sixth Form as the most impressively mature, tolerant and articulate adults; confident and able to take responsibility for planning their own lives.

    The exceptionally high staff to pupil ratio means students can expect to enjoy friendly and close working relationships with extremely dedicated and well-qualified teachers. Such close relationships enable each of our Sixth Formers to be supported and guided with care suitable to their individual needs. We are a community that tries hard to help young people deal with the increasing academic demands placed upon them, without losing the sense of what makes them special as individuals.