Fees & Bursaries

    September 2018 – July 2019
    Reception, Years 1 + 2  (4 - 6 years)
    £ 5,358 per term
    Years 3 - 6  (7 - 10 years) £ 6,174 per term
    Upper School  (11 - 18 years) £ 6,459 per term

    All above fees include Pupil's Personal Accident Insurance Scheme premium.

    LUNCHES (optional)
    Reception and Years 1 + 2 £ 222 per term
    Years 3 - 6 £ 266 per term
    Years 7 - 13 £ 280 per term

    Single lunches £ 4.90/day

    Possible additional extras:

    Lower School:  Camps (and some trips), musical Instruments Text books / specialised materials Examination Fees

    Upper School:  Camps and school trips, text books / specialised materials, examination Fees

    Fees are due by the first day of term and in accordance with the published terms and conditions of place acceptance, the school reserves the right to charge interest on overdue accounts.


    When a place is accepted a deposit equivalent to one term's fee is payable to the School. Increases may be billed from time to time in order to maintain the deposit at a level equal to the current termly fee. The deposit will be returned after the child’s final term at the school and any outstanding fees and other charges have been paid.


    Written notice of the removal of a pupil must be received by the Bursar on or before the first day of term at the end of which it is to take effect. In the absence of proper notice the School Fee for the following term must be paid and the fee deposit will be set against any liability arising under this paragraph.

    There is a non-returnable Registration Fee of £100 per child payable upon submission of the Application Form.

    Fees are generally revised at the start of each school year and take account of changing costs.



    Year 7 Bursaries

    The School offers a limited number of Bursaries for students coming into Year 7.  Bursary applications for external applicants entry into Year 7 for 2020 must be with the Bursary Manager by 30 September  2019, (12 September 2019 for internal applicants) .

    Sixth Form Bursaries

    Financial support is available for students entering the Sixth Form, from both within and outside the school.  Applications for Sixth Form students who wish to join in September 2020 must be with the Bursary Manager by 30 September 2019, (12 September 2019 for internal applicants).

    Please contact the Bursary Manager on 020 8457 5209 for application forms.