Exam Results & Student destinations

    GCSE Subject Results: Summer 2019



    Results summary: 

    Grades 9 - 8 % :  33%

    Grades 9 - 7 % :  48%

    Grades 9 - 4 % :  91%


    A Level Subject Results: Summer 2019


    Results summary: 

    Grades A*- A % :  34%

    Grades A*- B % :  65%

    Grades A* - C % : 91%


    Student Destinations

    Top University destinations over the last five years, 2015 - 2019

    Chart shows relative proportions of acceptances at universities by King Alfred School students 2015-2019


    In addition to the destinations above, and below for this academic year, in recent years students have also accepted places at Oxford University, Southampton University, RADA, American University Washington, Parsons New York, University of Toronto, Wake Forest College and Wolford College US.

    Below are the Higher Education destinations of students who applied through UCAS in 2019
    University of Bath Mathematics
    Brunel University Computer Science
    City University Mechanical Engineering
    University of Edinburgh History and Politics
    University of Exeter Computer Science and Philosophy
    Falmouth University Marine and Natural History Photography
    Falmouth University Theatre and Performance
    Goldsmiths University  English and Creative Writing
    Kings College London Liberal Arts
    University of Leeds International Relations
    University of Leeds Philosophy and Politics
    University of Leeds International Business
    University of Liverpool History
    University of Manchester Drama and English Literature
    Manchester Metropolitan University Sports Marketing Management
    Manchester Metropolitan University International Business Management
    University of Newcastle Architecture
    University of Nottingham English and Philosophy
    University of Nottingham Philosophy
    University of Nottingham Sociology
    Nottingham Trent University Music Performance
    Nottingham Trent University Law with Criminology
    Nottingham Trent University Fashion Marketing and Branding
    Nottingham Trent University Psychology
    Queen Mary University English and Creative Writing
    Royal Holloway University Computer Science
    SOAS Economics
    University of Southampton Aeronautics and Astronautics
    University of Surrey Creative Music Technology
    University of Sussex English
    University of Sussex Drama, Theatre and Performance
    University of SussexPsychology
    UCLArts and Sciences
    University of BrightonFilm Production
    University of Warwick Computer Science
    University of Westminster Real Estate
    University of YorkPsychology
    University of TorontoInternational Relations
    American University WashingtonLiberal Arts
    Art Foundation/Creative Arts
    Camberwell Art Foundation 
    Canterbury Art Foundation
    Drama Centre Drama Foundation
    Kensington and Chelsea Art Foundation
    Leeds College of Art Art Foundation
    Ravensbourne Art Foundation (Fashion)
    Ravensbourne Digital Film Production
    UAL Fine Art (Photography)