Our enrichment programme has been specifically designed to enhance the academic curriculum in the Sixth Form. Taking place once a week in mixed groups of Year 12 and 13, students can experience activities designed to help develop teamwork and adaptability skills, leadership qualities and a wide range of transferable skills. Some courses within Enrichment can lead to recognised external qualifications.

    Compulsory elements include:

    Research Skills for A level and beyond;

    UCAS sessions;

    Critical analysis for art and photography students;

    Extended Project Qualification tutorials;

    Developing Charity and Community Links;

    Essay writing skills for the non A level English student, or Maths for Scientists.

    Non-compulsory elements allow students to select from qualifications such as:

     Teaching English as a Foreign Language;

    Sports Leader Awards;

    First Aid and Life Guard Training;

    Theory Driving Test;

    Courses of specific interest such as an ‘Introduction to Classics’, ‘Counselling/Mediation Training’, ‘Car Maintenance’ and ‘Skills for babysitters’.