Above and beyond

    The King Alfred School attracts families with a wide range of interests and talents, which is reflected in the vigorous student body at the school.  Whether children’s strengths lie in intellectual prowess and academic strength, in musical ability, in sporting skill, in artistic flair or in all or none of these, we encourage every child to pursue her or his interests and aptitudes to the full.  Teachers differentiate lessons in class, providing enrichment and extension activities to challenge children and to encourage them to explore subjects in greater depth.   Educational trips to museums, galleries and the many cultural institutions in London take place regularly from Reception, and throughout the school.

    A wide range of extra-curricular activities is available to all children:  each one is encouraged to choose from a wide range of instruments, to join the orchestra and sing in choirs.  Lunchtime and after-school clubs take place every day, including chess, sewing and knitting, cartoon-drawing, computing, book making, reading, football, tag rugby, netball, rounders, gymnastics, dance, athletics, cheerleading and sailing, according to the season.  Match fixtures with other schools take place most Friday afternoons, and all those who train with the mixed gender teams are included. 

    Residential camps continue into the Upper School.  All classes engage in charitable activities, which is a strong feature of life in Lower School.  Whether it is Maths ability or sporting agility, children are entered in national competitions and thrive.

    Above all, the strength of the school can be seen in the number of parents who attended the school themselves and can think of no better place to educate their own children.